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    (Former Yancheng NO.4 Chemical Industry Plant) established in 1970,we have specialized in fine chemical,pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate for more than thirty years and we have become the major manufacturer of organic bromide series products in china,main products:Ethyl Bromide,N-Propyl Bromide,N-Butyl Bromide,N-Octyl Bromide,2-Bromopropane,Bromobenzene,p-Dibromobenzene,p …

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    Ichihara, G., et al (2004a). Neurologic abnormalities in workers of a 1-bromopropane factory. Environmental Health Perspectives 112(13): 1319-1325. Ichihara, G., et al (2004b). A survey on exposure level, health status, and biomarkers in workers exposed to 1-bromopropane. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 45:63-75 . Ichihara, G. (2005).

    Neurologic Abnormalities in Workers of a 1-Bromopropane .

    Sep 01, 2004· The same factory mainly produced 2-BP in 1996 (Ichihara et al. 1999), but shifted the main production to 1-BP between 1996 and 1999 (Ichihara et al. 2004), and the product was only 1-BP at the time of the present survey. 1-BP was synthesized by incubating n-propranolol and hydrogen bromide under concentrated sulfuric acid. The product was purified by distillation and temporarily stored in …

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    The world-largest manufacturer and exporter of TMP and also the largest manufacturer of bromine compounds in china, in which the output of N-propyl Bromide(1-bromopropane),1-bromo-3-chloropropane come in first in china.

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    Yixing ChengYuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. mainly to be engaged in fine chemical the development, the production,is our country main bromine product production base

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    2-Bromopropane is present as a contaminant in commercial grade bromopropane at 0.1% to 0.2%. 2-BP is also known as isopropylbromide; 2-propylbromide; and sec-propylbromide. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists.

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    YANCHENG CREATOR CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (Former Yancheng NO.4 Chemical Industry Plant) established in 1970,we have specialized in fine chemical,pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate for.

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    2-Bromopropane|75-26-3--Yancheng Sanhe Biochemical Co., Ltd.

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    an industrial setting where 1-bromopropane was used in the application of adhesive to foam strips [2]. INTERFERENCES: Any compounds with similar retention times. OTHER METHODS: None.

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    Yixing ChengYuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.. Yixing ChengYuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. lies in the famous Taihu Scenic Spot-- Yixing, "the city of pottery". It is a scenic spot well known as a "ancient city of pottery, world of cavern, sea of bamboo, oasis of tea".

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    Information for 2-Bromopropane 75-26-3 including 2-Bromopropane CAS NO 75-26-3, 2-Bromopropane Suppliers, 2-Bromopropane Manufacturers, related products of 2-Bromopropane.

    Analysis of Teratogenic Effects of Maternal Treatment with .

    chemicals. Recently, in a Korean electronic factory, male and workers exposed to 2-bromopropane (2-BP), which does not seem to affect the stratospheric ozone and is therefore used as an alternative solvent in open systems instead of CFCs, had potential hematopoietic and reproductive disorders2). Several experimental studies

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    Chemos & Co. KG is supplier for 2-Bromopropane. We provide N,N'-bis-(Vinylsulfonylacetyl)ethylenediamine as well. Chemos is a sourcing and distribution company with a grown and strong network of custom manufacturing companies and …

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    After 2 days incubation, 2-bromopropane was added in final solution 10-11 x 10-3 mole/L for 15~60 min. Spermatogenic cells were collected with pipetting and re-suspended into …

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    2-Bromopropane. 2-Bromopropane, also known as isopropyl bromide and 2-propyl bromide, is the halogenated hydrocarbon with the formula CH 3 CHBrCH 3. It is a colorless liquid. It is used for introducing the isopropyl functional group in organic synthesis. 2-Bromopropane is prepared by heating isopropanol with hydrobromic acid.

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    Exposure to 2-bromopropane has been associated with adverse reproductive effects in men and women. . health manager reported that a cluster of women performing small-sized tactile switch assembly in an electronics factory in South Korea were experiencing amenorrhea (Kim et al. 1996). The chemical 2-bromopropane (2BP) had been introduced into .

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    (PDF) Ovarian Toxicity of 2-Bromopropane in the Non .

    Ovarian Toxicity of 2-Bromopropane in the Non-Pregnant Rat. Journal of Occupational Health, 1997. Kei-Ichiro Maeda. Hiroko Tsukamura. Gaku Ichihara. Kei-Ichiro Maeda. Hiroko Tsukamura. Gaku Ichihara. Download with Google Download with Facebook

    2-bromopropane factory,

    2-Bromopropane 75-26-3, Information for 2-Bromopropane 75 .

    Information for 2-Bromopropane 75-26-3 including 2-Bromopropane CAS NO 75-26-3, 2-Bromopropane Suppliers, 2-Bromopropane Manufacturers, related products of 2-Bromopropane.

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    Product Name: 2-Bromopropane Tel: +86-515-88710008;88710868;18662081933 Email: jscreatorchem

    can you give the synthesis of 2-bromopropane to 1 .

    Sep 06, 2009· Answers. 2-Bromopropane was used as an alternative to chlorofluorocarbons in a Korean electronics factory and caused reproductive and hematopoietic disorders in male and workers. This causality was revealed by animal studies, and target cells were identified in subsequent studies. After identification of 2-bromopropane toxicity,.

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    Yancheng Longsheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.,(Founded as Yancheng Longsheng Fine Chemical Factory in 1991) is engaged in producing and selling Bromo (Chloro) alkanes and Bromo (Chloro) carboxylic acid esters . We invested RMB 80, 000, 000 in 2009, to relocated the plant to the new industrial district (Aoyang Industrial Park in Funing County), which was operational in October in 2009 successfuliy.

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    CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): In the summer of 1995 an occupational health manager in an electronic factory of South Korea reported a cluster of cases of secondary amenorrhea among workers in the section of Tactile Switch Assembly Operation to the Ministry of Labor. We have already reported a case series1) of clinical features about the .

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    Yancheng Longshen Chemical Co.,Ltd.(Yancheng Longshen Fine Chemical Factory) Enquiry for 2-Bromopropane Address: 3 Weiyi Road, Aoyang Industrial Park, …

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    There are 59 2 bromopropane suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries are China, Poland, and India, which supply 94%, 3%, and 1% of 2 bromopropane respectively. bromopropane products are most popular in North America, Western Europe, and Southeast Asia.

    Diffusive Sampling and Biological Monitoring of 2-Bromopropane

    The abilities of carbon cloth to adsorb 2-bromopropane was examined by experimental vapor exposure followed by solvent extraction and FID-GC. Urine from factory workers and rats exposed to 2-bromopropane were analyzed for 2-bromopropane, acetone and isopropyl alcohol by FID-GC, and for bromide ion by ECD-GC after chemical methylation.

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    2-bromopropane has been used mostly as an intermediate for medicines and pesticides. It is also used as a substitute for freon 113 as a cleaning solution in the process of assembling tactile switches in an electronics product factory.

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    the urine of workers exposed at a factory producing 1-bromopropane. A significant increase in GSPrCys was found in workers exposed to 1-bromopropane compared with controls, and urinary AcPrCys levels increased with increased levels of exposure to 1-bromo-propane in the air, supporting the hypoth-esis that these biomarkers can potentially be

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    Ovarian dysfunction induced by 2-bromopropane (2-BP) has been described in factory workers and experimental animals. However, the underlying mechanism is still unclear. To establish the reproductive target site and define mechanisms of 2-BP toxicity in adult rats, we examined the effects of different doses and duration of exposure to 2-BP in rats.

    Influence of 2-bromopropane on reproductive system—Short .

    The present study was performed to investigate the toxic effects of 2-bromopropane (2BP) on the reproductive system. F344 rats were administered 2BP (500 or 1000 mg/kg, i.p.) at intervals of 2 or 3 days for 15-17 days. The body weights were measured and estrous stages were observed throughout the experimental period.

    A Review on Toxicity of 2-Bromopropane : Mainly on its .

    exposed to solvents containing 2-bromopropane in a Korean factory in 1995, where it was used as an al-ternative solvent instead of chlorofluorocarbons. 2-Bromopropane came to be used in the process of assembling tactile switches in an electronic product factory as a substitute solvent for 1,1,2-trichloro-

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