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    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. PRINT. CAS#: 149-30-4. Where is this allergen found? You are most likely to contact mercaptobenzothiazole when using, wearing, or handling natural or synthetic rubber products at work or at home. Work shoes and athletic shoes are often made with rubber components that contain mercaptobenzothiazole or related substances.

    NIOSH Skin Notation Profiles: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole .

    NIOSH Skin Notation Profiles: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, Sodium 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, Zinc 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. Information was considered from studies of humans, animals, or appropriate modeling systems that are relevant to assessing the effects of …

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    2-mercAptoBenzothiAzole Your patch test result indicates that you have a contact allergy to mercaptobenzothiazole. This contact allergy may cause your skin to react when it is exposed to this substance although it may take several days for the symptoms to appear. Typical symptoms include redness, swelling, itching, and fluid-filled blisters.

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    Oct 03, 2007· 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole: All Experiments and Citations in CPDB The definition of each code in the plot below will appear in a pop-up window when the field name in the header line is clicked, e.g., Strain, Site, Path .

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole - Proposition 65 Warnings Website

    Oct 27, 2017· 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole; 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole . Listed as Causing Cancer. Cancer: 10/27/2017. Basis for Listing LC-IARC. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the content of this page, please click here.

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (149-30-4) | Chemical Effects in .

    NTP. 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (149-30-4). Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS). Research Triangle Park, NC (USA): National Toxicology Program (NTP). Accessed 2019-08-22. h

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole; MBT; Methylbenzotriazole; TTA .

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) can be used as the copper corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system. The mechanism is due to the chemical absorption of MBT on copper surface, or chelation reaction between them.

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    Buy high purity 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole from Chem Service Inc. at $16.70. (149-30-4) (N-10386-1G)

    Sulfodene Skin Medication for Dogs - Drugs

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. As an Aid in the Treatment of. HOT SPOTS. Associated with Hair Loss Redness Scratching. NADA #5-236 Approved by Food and Drug Administration. SULFODENE ® SKIN MEDICATION FOR DOGS is formulated to be effective as an aid in the treatment of certain common skin inflammations in dogs. Recommended specifically as an aid for hot spots (moist dermatitis).

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    IUPAC Standard InChIKey: YXIWHUQXZSMYRE-UHFFFAOYSA-N CAS Registry Number: 149-30-4 Chemical structure: This structure is also available as a 2d Mol file or as a computed 3d SD file The 3d structure may be viewed using Java or Javascript. Other names: 2(3H)-Benzothiazolethione; 2-Benzothiazolethiol; Accel M; Accelerator M; Benzothiazole, mercapto-; Benzothiazolethiol; Captax; …

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    Use of the information, documents and data from the ECHA website is subject to the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, and subject to other binding limitations provided for under applicable law, the information, documents and data made available on the ECHA website may be reproduced, distributed and/or used, totally or in part, for non-commercial purposes provided that ECHA is .

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    Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, Mercaptobenzothiazole, 149-30-4.

    Sulfodene for Dogs - VetInfo

    Sulfodene is a brand name product that contains the active ingredient 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. This chemical has a wide variety of uses in different industries, but is effective in a medicinal sense for treating hot spots caused by moist dermatitis. Sulfodene comes in a topical ointment form and in a shampoo form. The drug is designed to be administered directly to any affected parts of your pet's skin.

    EPA/2-Mercaptobenzothiazole; Final Test Rule

    of 2-mercaptobenZOthiazole(MBT, CAS No. 149—30-4) to perform testing for persistence and mobility, chronic aquatic toxicity. developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity. and mutagenic effects in thedominant lethal assay. DATE: In accordance with40 CFR 23.5, this rule shall be promulgatedfor purposes of judicial review at 1 p.m.

    Mercaptobenzothiazole | chemical compound | Britannica

    2- Mercaptobenzothiazole is a thiol that finds use as an accelerator in the vulcanization of rubber ( see below Disulfides and polysulfides and their oxidized products) and as a corrosion inhibitor, whereas 6-mercaptopurine has been employed in cancer therapy.

    Mercaptobenzothiazole, 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole: Wintrol .

    Wintrol® MBT (Mercaptobenzothiazole) WINTROL® MBT (Mercaptobenzothiazole) is a copper corrosion inhibitor used in many of the same industries as Wintrol® T and Wintrol® B. This yellow metal corrosion inhibitor will oxidize and deplete, especially in open recirculating systems. Wintrol® MBT provides some protection to steel, cast iron and aluminum.

    mzCloud – 2 Mercaptobenzothiazole

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole mass spectral data can be found in a separate interface. The data are manually curated and of the highest quality.

    149-30-4 - 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, 97% - Benzothiazole-2 .

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole is used for detection of the equivalence point in volumetry (complexometry) and for concentration determinations in colorimetry. It is also used for the photometric determination of gold, cadmium, copper, lead and palladium. Further, it is used as a metalworking fluid, antifreeze, grease, anticorrosive agent, and adhesive.

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (149-30-4) | Chemical Effects in .

    NTP. 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (149-30-4). Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS). Research Triangle Park, NC (USA): National Toxicology Program (NTP). Accessed 2019-08-22. h

    Mercaptobenzothiazole | Definition of .

    Definition of mercaptobenzothiazole. : a crystalline heterocyclic compound C7H4NS(SH) made by heating aniline, sulfur, and carbon disulfide and used chiefly as an accelerator for the vulcanization of rubber — called also 2-mercaptobenzothiazole.

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    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole CAS#: 149-30-4

    2-Mercaptobenzothiazole is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Also incompatible with acids and acid fumes . Fire Hazard: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole is combustible. Contact allergens: MBT is a rubber chemical, accelerant of vulcanization, and contained in "mercapto-mix."

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    Additional resources and links for 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole. To submit resources or links, please fill out the submission form at the top of this page. For additional information about products that might contain 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, visit the Products Database online at the United States National Library of Medicine. These lists are brief and provide just a few examples.


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    Cure systems with primary accelerators such as mercaptobenzothiazole disulfide (MBTS) or sulfenamides such as tert-Butyl-2-benzothiazole sulfenamide (TBBS) have been used to address such requirements. Identification Annual consumption SRMs SRM 370 Zinc oxide 0 SRM 371 Sulfur 64 units SRM 372 Stearic acid 109 units SRM 376 Magnesium oxide 0 SRM 378.

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    Visit ChemicalBook To find more 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole(149-30-4) information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density,molecular formula,molecular weight, physical properties,toxicity information,customs codes. You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole(149-30-4).

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    2-mercaptobenzothiazole (UNII: 5RLR54Z22K) (2-mercaptobenzothiazole - UNII:5RLR54Z22K) 2-mercaptobenzothiazole: 14 mg in 1 mL

    Q&A on 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) - iarc

    Q&A on 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) What is 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole? 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) is an industrial chemical that is used principally in the manufacture of rubber. What were the results of the IARC Monographs evaluation of MBT? The. Working Group of Volume 115 of theIARC Monographs classified MBT as probably carcinogenic to

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    Notice of Intent to List N,N-Dimethylformamide, 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, and Tetrabromobisphenol A Chemicals Listed Effective October 27, 2017 as Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer: N,N-Dimethylformamide, 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole, and Tetrabromobisphenol A

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